In Dion Horstmans’ sculptures, everyday lines and angles are transformed into dynamic, unpredictable and ever-changing forms.

A love of the intricacies of nature, the subtle fluidity of machines and a sharp eye for the interplay of light have made an enormous impact on the Bondi-based artist’s creative direction. 

Horstmans’ aesthetic is driven by line, balance and light; his metal sculptures focus on the shadows generated by forms. His use of line is deliberate, and his dynamic and deceptively minimal pieces change through time, stretching out their shadows through the course of a day.

To live with a Horstmans sculpture is to enjoy a living line, holding a brilliant and unpredictable conversation with itself.

“I like the energy of line because it is directional and dynamic. That’s a living language that I understand without formal training. I like the speed of straight lines and I intrinsically understand volume, balance and weight”

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